Negotiation Handbook

bog_forhandlingshaanbogen-jpg-29308-96x150-ecaf989bc2439463519b7e4b7f553b09By Keld Jensen

Published by Asschehough in 2005. The first edition sold out in just 7 weeks. It got media coverage on television, radio, in various newspapers, business and general magasines.

The book is based on the often overlooked fact that up to 80% of our communication is focused on one kind of negotiation or another.

In fact, the book also addresses the common negotiations of “Mr. and Mrs. Denmark “and provides concrete examples of how to save lots of money.

Whether we are negotiating bedtime with the children , negotiating with our spouse about going to the movies or a football game, with our loan officer about rates and with our boss about a raise – the basic techniques are all the same.

The negotiation handbook identifies and explains these techniques, and includes exercises, checklists, and illustrated examples from both private life and professional life.

“Usually you say that the wise outwits the less wise ”. But after reading the Negotiation Handbook I would argue that it is the negotiator that outwits the non-negotiator.

Once you have read this book, it soon becomes clear that most interactions you have during the day, both professionally and privately, are negotiations.

Marianne Pedersen
HR & Communications Manager
Ditas Cooperative (PTY LTD). The purchase cooperative behind e.g. “Råd og dåd” and “Byggekram”.