Negotiation Technique (2006)


By Keld Jensen

With the book “Negotiating techniques” you will be well-prepared to carry out any negotiations. Whether these are private or professional negotiation, you are in the negotiating role daily, but often without knowing the negotiation mechanisms that take place en route. Keld Jensen gives you the tools to become a skilled and professional negotiator. The professional negotiator sees both sides of the case, and sees the advantages of negotiation leading to added value for both parties, he sees negotiation as a collaborative project – and is able to win negotiations without leaving the other party feeling that they have lost.

In the book Keld Jensen examines negotiation from the buyer’s point of view first, the role you are in when you want to buy something or to evaluate proposals from other people. Then it considers the selling role, meaning the situations where you try to convince others of your ideas. By understanding both the buyer’s and seller’s role you perform better as a negotiator to see both sides in any negotiation situation. Thus you will be better at controlling the negotiation and you do not end up as either a naive or a greedy negotiator. The last section of the book provides good advice about negotiation techniques.

“Negotiation technique is far too modest a title for a book, which rather than repeating old doctrines puts a new type of negotiation on the agenda.” Business newspaper (”Erhvervsavisen”)