MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation A/S
The concept of negotiation for MarketWatch means added value, positive results and efficiency. These are three powerful words but words that  ensure that your organisation builds a solid foundation in negotiation strategy.
What differentiates MarketWatch from other consulting companies?

– 25,500 professional negotiations over 15 years;
– 23 books published in 35 countries;
– Partnership with the Institute of Negotiation at the Copenhagen Business School.

At MarketWatch, we work in a partnership. We believe that a good partnership between the client and the supplier will result in a significantly improved bottom line by your company and employees . As one of our clients, you will receive efficient tools for negotiation techniques enabling you to exploit the values that many companies will never have, and thus, will never use. We will help you to achieve improved  solid results within your company. The information that we provide is always backed up with real live demonstrations of how it works.

We call this an added value guarantee!
Our methodology and negotiation techniques are recognised as being value-added skills in both sales and purchases and are used by companies such as TDC, Vestas, Carlsberg and FLSmidth, amongst others.

We operate in three primary areas which are combined under the umbrella of “professional negotiation”.

Consulting and training – internal programs
The MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation A/S is an international consultancy company focusing on skills development, training, measurement and consultancy using executive negotiation techniques and communication.

More than 25.000 negotiations completed
Since 1976 we have been involved in over 25,000 negotiations and have carried out consultancy and training on an annual basis for more than 2,000 individuals in Scandinavia alone. Our emphasis is always on negotiation techniques and focus on the positive results. We specialise in designing our training to each participant and their specific needs, thereby ensuring a supply of adjusted tools, knowledge and the necessary training which will result in improved bottom line results and efficiency within a company.

16 books in 16 languages in over 32 countries
Managing Director & Partner, Keld Jensen, has written and published number of books on negotiation and communication, including Negotiating Techniques and Negotiating Partnershipspublished by the Financial Times and Communicative Competence published by Jyllandsposten.

With a number of absolute bestsellers and award winners, he also achieved the status of Management book of the year in Denmark 2002.

Focused on results
Using our concept and our consulting, we are very much focused on our client’s specific results. The results of our work are well documented and are particularly documented in several of our books and case studies in which a number of prominent companies talk about their individual experiences using our concept.

International focus
MarketWatch works with clients all over the world. With its offices and affiliations in London, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo, Vilnius, Stavanger and Copenhagen a wide range of geographic markets are covered.

Executive MBA – Lecturer
The MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation A/S was exclusively appointed as an external lecturer for International Negotiation on Executive MBA programs at both a domestic and international level. Simultaneously, similar programs are carried out under the Master Management Program, which is owned and operated by the Financial Times in collaboration with leading authorities in the field.

Publisher – Financial Times
We regularly write articles for publications such as the Financial Times on the subjects of negotiation and communication – including emerging trends and issues. See Financial Times – Mastering Management.

Internationale Memberships
The MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation A/S is a member of the International Association for Conflict Management, whose purpose is to research, develop and promote understanding of international conflict management, negotiation and negotiation techniques.

One client at a time….
We never work with generic solutions, instead, each situation is based on the individual client’s specific needs and objectives. Therefore, a further elaboration meeting with the client is necessary before we can leverage a task’s economic framework.