Consulting on negotiation based on 35 years of experience
We negotiate together with you or advise you in order to improve your results. MarketWatch holds solid experience in developing the Negotiation Excellence-discipline in close collaboration with the clients so that negotiation skills are transformed into improved bottom line results for the company.

Any consulting is tailor-made to your organisation’s needs and context so that the end result is target specific and effective.


Executive-ForhandlingsteknikExecutive Negotiation Technique
Level 1  – for those wishing to achieve better results

Negotiation-BoosterNegotiation Booster
Niveau 2 – aimed at those who need to negotiate on a complex strategic level

Master-i-ForhandlingMaster of Negotiation
For those wishing to cope with the range of strategies in the world of negotiation

Procurement-Negotiation-ExcellenceProcurement Negotiation Excellence
For those working in purchasing departments

Kommunikativ-KompetenceCommunicative Competence®
Aimed at improving communication skills