Communicative Competence®

Trust, honesty and personal charisma

You should choose this training if you aim for the following:
• establishing a positive atmosphere;
• building confidence;
• demonstrating professionalism and openness;
• raising your credibility;
• presenting complex information;
• attracting and keeping your audience’s attention;
• communicating effectively and right to the point;
• paving the way for changes;
• motivating others to an action;
• adapting your communication to different people;
• communicating with credibility & efficiency.

Designed for the ones, who are in the center
The program is specially designed for professionals, who daily find themselves in the center of attention, and shall cope with important or sensible communication and presentation situations. The program is also highly relevant for everybody else, as your personal impact in most cases is crucial to achieve positive results in all and any situation.

The program is focused on advanced personal behavioral training and interpretation of the counterparty’s communication, learning the fundamental techniques of communication, including presentation skills.

Based on bestseller Communicative Competence®
The program is based on one of Denmark’s best-selling management books of the same name, and is developed on the basis of studies and experiences from more than 25,000 communication and negotiation situations.

The program has been highly successfully used for training of executives and top management of Carlsberg, KMD, Vestas and Aalborg Portland.

You should expect to improve:

• Personal effectiveness in your communication;
• Reading body language and delivering messages – evaluation of content, credibility     and congruence;
• Intensive training of communication skills, presentation techniques and methods.
• Personal communication analysis – an overview of strengths and weaknesses;
• Convincing behavior;
• Structured planning presentation;
• Presentation techniques.

Small exclusive team
Aiming to ensure the greatest attention for each participant, we work with small exclusive team.

You will experience number of presentation techniques and communication simulations, all of which will be recorded with video camera. The personal development will be ensured by self analysis, supported with the feedback received from other participants and couching by the instructor. Participants receive their own DVD record after the program for further personal development.

Personal attention is closely linked with the ability to engage in dialogue or persuasive presentation with spirit and power. Argumentation training, presentation techniques, improving understanding and preparation will be part of the training enabling you to convert new skills into your own life and your own challenges.

Analysis of your communication profile
Aiming to illustrate and improve your skills, we perform personal communication analysis, which describes the individual participant’s communicative profile. The analysis will help you to communicate more effectively and reach your goals, increase your effectiveness and strengthen your credibility.

Other Trainings:
Professional trainings with full benefits

We perform trainings throughout the year, so your company can achieve better results. MarketWatch holds vast experience in performing trainings for the groups of 10-30 people, focusing on both the individual and the company, so that negotiation skills are transformed into solid improvement in bottom line results for your company.

Executive-ForhandlingsteknikExecutive Negotiation Technique
Level 1 – for those wishing to achieve better results

Negotiation-BoosterNegotiation Booster
Level 2 – For those who need to negotiate at a complex strategic level

Master-i-ForhandlingMaster of Negotiation
For those who aim to improve skills in all aspects of the negotiation world

Procurement-Negotiation-ExcellenceProcurement Negotiation Excellence
For those working in purchasing departments


Learning Center

As a participant you will gain the latest information about SMARTnership negotiation, based on updated research and in addition valuable tools and methods to improve results immidiately. The training is based on more than 30 years of experience from real life negotiations, out work at Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and our studies that have been published in more than 23 books in more than 38 countries globally.

Our advisors

You will meet professional advisors and trainers, with experience from real life. They are all passionate about negotiation and will happily share they knowledge with you and combine the theory with your needs to optimize your outcome of the training or advisory service.