Master of Negotiation

How to exploit the full potential of the negotiation?
Module 1: Partnership negotiation Part I (2 days, residential)
Module 2: Management and negotiation related communications (2 days, residential)
Module 3: Emotional Intelligence (2 days, residential)
Module 4: Conflict management (1 day, residential)
Cultural understanding – international negotiation (1 day, residential)
Module 5: Partnership negotiation Part II (2 days, residential)
Module 6: Personal coaching & debriefing. Certification (1 ½ hours per each participant)

What’s in it for you?
The program Master of negotiation is designed to develop your technical negotiation skills and equip you with advanced tools to enable exploitation and realization of the full potential of your negotiations. Master program challenges you in a challenging forum and strengthens your ability to generate valuable results and establish lasting relationships. Be coached together with others Denmark’s strongest negotiators and improve your negotiation skills to meet future challenges.

Challenging forum
Profile of the program participants – executives, middle management and officers. Main requirement to all participants is high negotiation responsibility and minimum of 4 years negotiation experience at a high and often international level. We carefully form groups of participants by identification their negotiation level as well as their theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We believe that the homogeneity of the group is highly important, as this kind of challenge very much inspires to improve personal performance. Thus we can ensure that you will meet other Denmark’s strongest negotiators in the program.

This program is structured to develop personal skills and equip participants with tools enabling exploitation of full potential of their negotiations. The program has been successfully running since 2005.

The main goal is improved bottom line
Master program equips you with effective negotiation techniques, new knowledge and powerful tools to:

• achieve much better financial performance;
• build real long-term partnerships (win-win situations), where everybody involved is the winner;
• structure and focus your negotiation – negotiation preparation and implementation;
• manage and eliminate conflicts and confrontations – how to switch to cooperation;
• make better deals for you and your counterpart;
• capitalize the hidden value, which many overlook and which is usually lost in negotiation;
• minimize your risks and maximize your profit simultaneously;
• indentify the variables in your negotiations;

Based on more than 25 years of practical experience combined with analytical research of more than 25,000 negotiations MarketWatch has positioned itself as one of the strongest and most reputable advisor in the field of negotiation. Master of negotiation is based on the same program, which is part of MBA education in Nordic and Baltic countries. In addition, you will learn how to cope and implement our method about advanced negotiation techniques described in numerous critically acclaimed books.

Successful negotiation is performed without fighting
Understanding of what constitutes a valuable negotiation has changed dramatically in recent years. Partnership (a win-win situation for everybody) rather than one way street approach has proved to enhance negotiations between the parties. In the mood of cooperation negotiating parties are able to discover substantially bigger negotiation pool in the joint negotiation process. This approach is focused on identification of common interests, values and on finding the best solution for both parties, thus ensuring that everyone leaves negotiation as the winner.

This places high expectations on your performance in negotiation. Communication, psychology, business and negotiation understanding as well as knowledge of human nature are just a part of the skills that you as an advanced negotiator must hold and manage.

Master program combines key elements you need to create better results. As a participant you will be provided with clear negotiation technical tools to exploit the values that many will never exploit.

Other Trainings:
Professional trainings with full benefits

We perform trainings throughout the year, so your company can achieve better results. MarketWatch holds vast experience in performing trainings for the groups of 10-30 people, focusing on both the individual and the company, so that negotiation skills are transformed into solid improvement in bottom line results for your company.

Executive-ForhandlingsteknikExecutive Negotiation Technique
Level 1 – for those wishing to achieve better results

Negotiation-BoosterNegotiation Booster
Level 2 – For those who need to negotiate at a complex strategic level

Procurement-Negotiation-ExcellenceProcurement Negotiation Excellence
For those working in purchasing departments

Kommunikativ-KompetenceCommunicative Competence®
For those wishing to improve their communication skills


Learning Center

As a participant you will gain the latest information about SMARTnership negotiation, based on updated research and in addition valuable tools and methods to improve results immidiately. The training is based on more than 30 years of experience from real life negotiations, out work at Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and our studies that have been published in more than 23 books in more than 38 countries globally.

Our advisors

You will meet professional advisors and trainers, with experience from real life. They are all passionate about negotiation and will happily share they knowledge with you and combine the theory with your needs to optimize your outcome of the training or advisory service.