Negotiation Booster

Negotiate at the strategic level
Negotiation Booster is the most advanced training in the executive negotiation.

The program is designed to strengthen the trained negotiator, who had previously participated in the Executive negotiation techniques training. With this program you get a significant boost to negotiate at a strategic level.

Improve your negotiation techniques
Executive negotiation techniques training equipped you with the tools to create added value, while Negotiation Booster program disclose to you particular and tested recipe where exactly you can find this value in your negotiations. You will learn most advanced and developed technique and strategy improving your negotiation skills to the top level. The theory and the training are focused on real life delivering to you the knowhow for becoming almost professional negotiator.

You will be able to transform new knowledge into results very quickly
 After the completion of the program, you will feel comfortable with:
•coping with any business negotiation;
• utilizing your company’s negotiating potential much more efficient;
• identifying negotiation opportunities and expanding your negotiation space;
• identifying strategic areas of your negotiations;
• identifying particular elements to be negotiated in your negotiations;
• identifying particular variables that provide added value.

The program combines theoretical training with practice orientated negotiation focusing on identification and capitalization of hidden values, not previously used and capitalized. After the program you will be able to create more values in your partnership negotiation, both – internal and external.
You will experience the results and usefulness of the training very quickly.

Content of the training:

• Strategic approach to negotiation;
• Training based on case studies and hands-on experience;
• Ability to establish optimal environment in the negotiation. All business is human;
• Reasons, why emotions are more important than fact in most negotiations;
• Why money rarely or never is the main component in a negotiation;
• Understanding of different negotiation behaviors, the handling of these and identification of own strategy:
– Fighting
– Conceding
– Delaying
– Compromise
– Cooperation
• Practical training combined with video recording, case simulation and theory;
• Why openness and honesty provides platform for improved bottom line;
• Understanding of the 10 phases of negotiation;
• Develop questioning techniques;
• Aspects and relevance of different cultural, organizational and geographical background;
• Knowledge of creative elements that most have never seen;
• Understanding why reasoning undermines a constructive climate;
• Knowledge of how success for one party does not come at the expense of the other party;
• Video recording of your own negotiation behavior and constructive criticism from participants and lecturer.

Other Trainings:
Professional trainings with full benefits

We perform trainings throughout the year, so your company can achieve better results. MarketWatch holds vast experience in performing trainings for the groups of 10-30 people, focusing on both the individual and the company, so that negotiation skills are transformed into solid improvement in bottom line results for your company.

Executive-ForhandlingsteknikExecutive Negotiation Technique
Level 1 – for those wishing to achieve better results

Master-i-ForhandlingMaster of Negotiation
For those who aim to improve skills in all aspects of the negotiation world

Procurement-Negotiation-ExcellenceProcurement Negotiation Excellence
For those working in purchasing departments

Kommunikativ-KompetenceCommunicative Competence®
For those wishing to improve their communication skills


Learning Center

As a participant you will gain the latest information about SMARTnership negotiation, based on updated research and in addition valuable tools and methods to improve results immidiately. The training is based on more than 30 years of experience from real life negotiations, out work at Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and our studies that have been published in more than 23 books in more than 38 countries globally.

Our advisors

You will meet professional advisors and trainers, with experience from real life. They are all passionate about negotiation and will happily share they knowledge with you and combine the theory with your needs to optimize your outcome of the training or advisory service.