Negotiation Partnerships


By Keld Jensen og Iwar Unt

Are you identifying the right deals and making them profitable? Or are you haggling over who gets the biggest piece of the pie, rather than working out how to make the pie bigger?
This book will help you identify, develop and safeguard added value, which means that both businesses in the partnership can develop and grow with reduced risk.
Not just any partner and not just any deal will do. An international study based on more than 20.000 negotiations revealed that a huge amount of time is wasted on producing deals that are often of only marginal merit. This book will help you identify the deals which are worth doing and set you on the rigth track to make them profitable.
Negotiating Partnerships will take you through dozens of areas where additional value can be found, to make win-win partnership deals that really work for you. You will learn how to identify opportunities and conclude better deals at the same time as making the other party feel good.
Iwar Unt and Keld Jensen are leading writers and theorists on negotiation. Iwar Unt has a long experience in the field of negotiation and is the author of several books on the subject.
Financial Times 2001

Your work is outstanding and I am honored to be able to present it to my readers. – Anyone who purchases anything will find this book (Negotiation Partnerships) important. Anyone who sells, obviously, should find this thin volume must reading. It is an important work for negotiators in general who seek to create added value in their agreements.
Ph.D John D Baker – The Negotiator Magazine 2004

Negotiating Partnerships” is to be recommended as an excellent resource book both for the expert negotiator, who needs to see things from a different and new angle, and people without much experience, enabling them to hold their own in a group of superior negotiators. The authors illustrate everything with an incredible number of examples and everyday cases which go to make “Negotiating Partnerships” very reliable.”
Jørgen Lindegaard, Koncernchef, SAS

Read this book before your next negotiations if your aim is to increase profits and reduce risks for your company.
Flemming Lindelov, PhD, Koncernchef, Carlsberg Breweries

Negotiating Partnerships is an excellent starting point for exploring negotiation as an act of co-operation rather than combat.
The Guardian 12.01.2002