By Keld Jensen
Application / audience / level

The book’s topic is negotiating technique in connection with purchases and sales. This book is targeted primarily at persons who are professionally involved with this type of negotiation.


Both authors have published several titles within the subjects: Negotiation and cooperation. Keld Jensen teaches international MBA programs and works, like Iwar Unt, in business consulting. The book’s overall attitude is that you get the furthest in negotiations by cooperation and “partnership”. The book’s purpose is to disseminate practical knowledge about the negotiation process and provide tools and questions for reflection about strategies for both seller and buyer. The language and level in this book enables everyone within this field of work to use it as a handbook.


Negotiation Technique, 2006, the same topic and position and writers. It has come in the series “Maps to knowledge” and therefore not nearly as thorough as the new title. Moreover, there again by the same authors Negotiation Technique, 1998, which has a different structure and does not go as deeply in the negotiating process as the latest edition, but still has the same attitude of cooperation and partnership rather than a win / lose relationship.


The book succeeds well in communicating which mechanism comes into action when negotiating the purchase and sale. It provides excellent tools and strategies for both purchaser and seller. It is useful for both the beginners and the experienced negotiators who are facing a difficult task.

Ellen Lind Jensen