Procurement Negotiation Excellence

Purchasing organizations experience rapidly growing need for added value to the business in areas other than typical pure price reductions.

Should you aim for optimization of your procurement through strategic cooperation with your counterpart / supplier, then this program is exactly for you, targeting specific challenges you are facing every day. The training is mostly attended by purchasing directors, purchasing managers, purchasing officers and corporate buyers. The program was developed in close collaboration with Danish Purchasing Directors Group, and is designed to target specifically the challenges of procurement process.

What’s in it for me?
The program educates first class negotiators with ability in all phases of the procurement process to identify and take the crucial decisions that create value – both internally and externally – in cooperation with suppliers. You get set of tools to analyze your own position and achieve improved overall performance.

Key competencies in procurement negotiation
Negotiation program consists of 6 modules in 3 month training period. Each module is followed by real live negotiation simulations in which participants combine theory with company-orientated problem solutions.

Module 1 Negotiation profile
Module 2 Executive negotiation (2 day, in non-residential)
Module 3 Case handling
Module 4 Communication competence (1 day, non-residential)
Price Management (1 day, non-residential)
Module 5 Case handling
Module 6 Individual reporting and Certification (1 hour personal feedback for each participant)
(1 day, non-residential with joint exercise presentation)

After the program, you will be able:
• create substantial added value;
• identify your negotiation variables and the ones of your counterparty;
• enter into successful agreements – and ensure the success;
• develop a roadmap for your negotiations and effectively prepare yourself;
• understand the strategic and tactical choices about sourcing, pricing and partnerships;
• manage your own value chain and focus on TCO;
• effectively organize a manage team of negotiators;
• be flexible in choosing between different negotiation strategies ;
• actively utilize multiple communication styles;
• prepare an optimal meeting with sales manager;
• analyze suppliers’ risk and manage that risk in your negotiations;
Participants will receive certification and diploma by graduation.

The program is build on a unique analysis of 25,000 negotiations and more than 30 years of training experience of key executives in the Nordic region and number of Europe’s largest companies. Our extensive Executive MBA program is based on the same principles and is backed with our unique experience of training negotiators with the focus on creation of added value.

What’s in it for your company?
• Improved overall performance in commercial agreements and increased bottom line;
• Advanced competence in the purchasing process and highly skilled employees;
• Analysis of specific negotiation challenges in the organization’s procurement process;
• Detailed evaluation of participants’ competence with optimization of resources and strengths.

Solution orientated program
This negotiation program is scheduled for 8 ½ days with 4 days out of the house training, and consists of 6 modules within 3 month period. Each module is followed by real live negotiation simulations in which participants are able to combine theory with company-specific problem solutions.

• 4 days intensive training and development of negotiation competence;
• Minimum 4-day independent casework with sparring and coaching from the trainers;
• ½ day individual reporting and coaching

The program runs as internal in house training or open program with participants from different companies.

Other Trainings:
Professional trainings with full benefits

We perform trainings throughout the year, so your company can achieve better results. MarketWatch holds vast experience in performing trainings for the groups of 10-30 people, focusing on both the individual and the company, so that negotiation skills are transformed into solid improvement in bottom line results for your company.

Executive-ForhandlingsteknikExecutive Negotiation Technique
Level 1 – for those wishing to achieve better results

Negotiation-BoosterNegotiation Booster
Level 2 – For those who need to negotiate at a complex strategic level

Master-i-ForhandlingMaster of Negotiation
For those who aim to improve skills in all aspects of the negotiation world

Kommunikativ-KompetenceCommunicative Competence®
For those wishing to improve their communication skills


Learning Center

As a participant you will gain the latest information about SMARTnership negotiation, based on updated research and in addition valuable tools and methods to improve results immidiately. The training is based on more than 30 years of experience from real life negotiations, out work at Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and our studies that have been published in more than 23 books in more than 38 countries globally.

Our advisors

You will meet professional advisors and trainers, with experience from real life. They are all passionate about negotiation and will happily share they knowledge with you and combine the theory with your needs to optimize your outcome of the training or advisory service.