The Stage is set


By Keld Jensen & Klaus Givsk

Published by Damm & Son in both Denmark and Norway. “The stage is set “ deals with the world of the Chief Executive’s communication. In a series of case studies the book illustrates that the Chief Executive’s communication and credibility is increasingly an exponent of trust and faith in the company. Using clear and illustrative examples the authors illustrate, why personal clout, credibility and persuasive behavior is more important than rational behavior.

And the winner is: “The communicative leader”

The fact that good leadership is about communication should not be questioned. At least not after reading “The stage is set.”

“The stage is set” is full of useful and instructive advice to the manager and his / her daily communications – e.g. to put greater emphasis on the emotional rather than the factual approach, because it increases the credibility of their communication … All in all, a book that bluntly tells CEOs: communicate actively! And the better you do, the more you increase your company’s market share

Steen Bjerre, CEO. Dyrup A / S

“The Stage is set” highlights in depth that the leader’s communication and credibility is increasingly an exponent of trust and faith in the company. So, even though results are still created long term by really knowing your business, strategic drive and by having the best staff – the prerequisite is to break credibly through the messages internally and externally. This book is a good option for dealing with this issue.

Steffen Kragh, President and CEO Egmont

“The Stage is set “is a fantastic reference guide that recalls prior experiences for me, with both a portion of embarrassment “ and a smile. The book is practical and gives you direct tools. The book sidentifies and describes situations from the top level of everyday behavior and gives you recommendations, thus you do not come up short in unfamiliar situations. I would recommend the book for managers who are new, in need of inspiration, and experienced managers of a company in transition. As well as a brush up for skilled leaders to remember why they are doing well.

The book will be in my office.

Jesper Boysen, MD. Elgiganten A / S

Unfortunately, Danish and other Nordic leaders often lack what Keld Jensen and Klaus Givskov refer to as Impression Management. The fact that one must grasp the “share of mind” among stock market participants seems to come as a surprise to business leaders. For lots of managers, it would be a sensible move to recognize the need to continuously improve their communicative abilities, and I think this book is an excellent tool to do so.

Folke Friis-Frederiksen, Alfred Berg ABN AMRO Corporate Finance