The Trust Factor – Negotiating in SMARTnershipTM

trust-factor-cover-150By Keld Jensen
Language: English. Published PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, New York, i 2013.

Cooperation and trust are two of the most important ingredients to a long-term business relationship. Yet why does it still feel like the negotiation table is a battle ground with winner and losers? Have you realized that you still have gotten to “yes”? In this ground-breaking book, Keld Jensen offers a new approach to negotiation and quantifies the relationship between increased trust among trading partners and improved bottom line. If you continue on the 20th Century win-lose path, you are losing out on millions—not because of increased costs, but through lost opportunities.

This 21st Century approach is a cocktail of trust, honesty, and cooperation, flavored with good intentions that your loyal opposition will fully benefit from the deal you are about to make. The Trust Factor allows you to leverage the mutual gains that only become apparent when the relationship is built in SMARTnership™.

Keld Jensen’s revolutionary concept of NegoEconomics™ is the active pursuit of the value hidden in a commercial transaction through cooperative deal-making. If the parties agree to pursue the asymmetric value hidden in a transaction, the pie becomes bigger, and there is more to share, a win-win scenario for everyone.

Drawing on the eye-opening realities of behavioral economics, and his own research and experience, Jensen demonstrates how the Trust Factor takes the negotiation process to a whole new level of effectiveness by turning one-off transactions into long-standing business SMARTnerships™.

“Trust is critical to effective negotiating. The Trust Factor is full of useful negotiation advice combining Jensen’s impressive negotiation experiences with insight from economics and trust research. The book is clearly written and the advice is straightforward.”

Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program and co-author, Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate