Executive Negotiation

Executive Negotiation Technique

How to achieve better negotiation performance?
If you would like to negotiate more successfully, to be able to analyze and control your negotiations and achieve better results based on the improved partnerships, then this program is exactly what you need.

Choose to be trained together with other experienced executives
The program is designed for experienced negotiators, in particular executives, project managers, procurement officers, sellers and other persons having high negotiating responsibility, aiming to achieve better performance and discover additional value in negotiation.

The main goal of the program is substantially improved bottom line
You will understand and get trained how to manage advanced tools for planning negotiations and for negotiating. You will learn to discover solid hidden potential and to capitalize additional value in negotiations. Intensive training will enable you to establish real long-term partnerships that ensure reliable business relationships and maximize benefits for all negotiating parties.

After the completion of the program, you will feel comfortable with:
•  analyzing and structuring your negotiation preparation;
• identifying interests and values of yourself and of your counterparties;
• establishment true and long-term partnerships;
• performing value-creating negotiations that increase yields and secure business relationships;
• identifying and distributing additional value in negotiation;
•  combining positions with a focus on total cost and added value;
• identifying and managing the critical factors in the negotiation deadlocks;
•constructively managing different negotiators’ types.

The program combines theory, real life examples, experiences, discussions and negotiation simulations. In the course of training efficient methods to achieve better performance, create better results and be inspired to find hidden potential value in any negotiation will be disclosed.

Your negotiating skills will be tested in the number of negotiation simulations based on real life cases and will enhance your learning. This method ensures real feedback on your performance as a negotiator. You will learn to perceive signals, interpret and analyze them, face lockouts and discover advanced solutions.

Content on the program:
Negotiation preparation, analysis and identification of strategy as well as other negotiation parameters;
Selection of the negotiation method / approach – Communications in negotiation
Hedging of interest and potential – International & cultural aspects in negotiation
Survey of passable roads – Partnership negotiation or zero sum game
Vendor Types – Choosing right strategy
Creating value – Discovering full potential
Negotiation Simulation – Feedback on personal negotiation style

About the training method
At MarketWatch we do not believe in lectures alone. You will be challenged and actively involved in teaching. This will be achieved through plenary discussions, group assignments, case studies, role plays, video recordings, personal feedback and negotiation simulations.

Negotiation theory will be presented in form of particular examples and videotaped negotiation simulations. It gives you the option to convert straight away the theory into your daily work. Finally, the program helps to give you valuable insight into how you perform as negotiator.

You will also get Negotiation handbook
The handbook includes the best tips and powerful tools from total of our 16 books. Negotiation handbook will be available 1-2 weeks before the program start. Please read the first introductory paragraph before you meet with other participants. We will start with the same level of knowledge and the theory. You are also very welcome to prepare your own questions or raise issues, you want to address.

How to discover the hidden potential in negotiation
Our analysis of 25,000 negotiations proves that almost in each case negotiators leave the table with solid undisclosed value. The program provides you with particular tools and techniques for identification and capitalization of substantial additional value, which many negotiators fail to discover in most cases.

Other Trainings:

Professional trainings with full benefits
We perform trainings throughout the year, so your company can achieve better results. MarketWatch holds vast experience in performing trainings for the groups of 10-30 people, focusing on both the individual and the company, so that negotiation skills are transformed into solid improvement in bottom line results for your company.

Negotiation-BoosterNegotiation Booster
Level 2 – For those who need to negotiate at a complex strategic level

Master-i-ForhandlingMaster of Negotiation
For those who aim to improve skills in all aspects of the negotiation world

Procurement-Negotiation-ExcellenceProcurement Negotiation Excellence
For those working in purchasing departments

Kommunikativ-KompetenceCommunicative Competence®
For those wishing to improve their communication skills


Learning Center

As a participant you will gain the latest information about SMARTnership negotiation, based on updated research and in addition valuable tools and methods to improve results immidiately. The training is based on more than 30 years of experience from real life negotiations, out work at Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and our studies that have been published in more than 23 books in more than 38 countries globally.

Our advisors

You will meet professional advisors and trainers, with experience from real life. They are all passionate about negotiation and will happily share they knowledge with you and combine the theory with your needs to optimize your outcome of the training or advisory service.